Saturday, 26 December 2009

Bedazzle Beads - Creative Ideas For 2010

Christmas is over for another year and it's time to start making those New Year Resolutions (Ones that hopefully we can stick with) and if your the crafty type, then it could be a great time to start looking at your own plans for the year ahead and what you want to achieve over the next 12 months.

Bedazzle Beads have lots of new workshops planned for the coming year, so if you want to try your hand at Jewellery Making or increaing the skills you already have, then we would be very happy to work with you, sometime soon ...

You can take a look at the workshop courses we run here

Our monthly courses will give you chance to try new ideas, such as making your own Cha Cha Bracelets and even have a go at knotted necklaces and much more over the coming months !

With fab new beads and some old favourites now back in stock (watch faces and bungie bracelets) you'll find some amazing new items to help launch your creativity, well into 2010 !

For super savings, take a look at our Sale Items

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

New To Jewellery Making ?

If you are new to Jewellery Making, sign up for our free 20 part eCourse, emailed directly to you, with pictures, descriptions and on-line videos to speed up your learning curve !

Learn which jewellery making tools you require, what findings are and how they are used, what types of tools are required in jewellery making, as well as instructional .PDF's to help you in making various costume jewellery pieces ...


Social Network Your Jewellery Sales ... Grab your copy here

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Bedazzle Beads October 2009 Competition

Just launched ... Bedazzle Beads new beading competition, with the chance to have your design featured in our 'Simply Vintage' ebook and book. Watch our video below for full details ....


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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Beaded Angel Decoration By Bedazzle Beads

Want To Know How To Make Beaded Angel Decorations ?

This is a great project for all ages and easy to do ... Just follow our simple, step by step instructions ...

Watch Our Video Below ...

Or Download our FREE .PDF Guide with links to the components you'll need to make this item, in our membership area which you can access, when you sign up to our free newsletter !


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Monday, 21 September 2009

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Rena Klingenberg - Sell Your Jewelry Online The New Way Review

Rena Klingenberg - Sell Your Jewelry Online The New Way Review

I have (finally) just finished reading this fabulous new ebook from Rena Klingenberg, called 'Sell Your Jewellery Online, The New Way' ...

Rena has literally submerged herself in the Social Media Network for the past 12 months, learning what does and does not work ...

She reveals the tips and tricks she has spent the last 12 months learning and brought them all together in this jam-packed ebook (Over 100 pages), in an easy to understand, bite-size, do-able steps to help you achieve greater sales of your jewellery !

This is an absolute MUST read, if your want to increase sales of your designs and see your efforts paid off, by cash in the bank !

Grab your copy here

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Jewellery Design Ideas From Bedazzle Beads

Some Great New Jewellery Design Ideas On Video For You - Let Us Know What You Think

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bedazzle Beads September 2009 Beading Competition

Thank you to all the entrants of August 2009's beading competition, the results of which can be seen, in our 'Summertime Blues' ebook.

Get some great inspirational ideas summer jewellery design ideas from this ebook ...

Welcome to our September 2009's beading competition ...

This competition closes at midnight on 30th September 2009, so please make sure your entry reaches us by then via the form found here ...

The theme for this month is 'Glass With Class' ...

This can be any piece of jewellery that you would wear for a special/formal occassion (that has been designed by yourself)

The best ideas will feature in our 'Glass With Class Ideas eBook' and awarded as prizes to 2x lucky runner ups !

We will be judging on uniqueness & originality, so put on your creative caps !!

Please take the photograph of your item on a white background.

First Prize is £20.00 worth of Beading Goodies from our online site:

(A voucher will be emailed to you, valid for one month from issue) plus 2x Runner up prizes will receive an eBook of ideas, from this month competition.

By submitting your entry to this competition, you will be giving express permission to 'Bedazzle Beads' to include your deisgn in our 'Glass With Class' eBook (released in October 2009).

All designs published will be accredited to you, the designer and copyright will be retained by yourself.

The winner will be announced in next month's newsletter, so make sure you are signed up:

Enter your design at:

Sunday, 23 August 2009

How To Make An Elasticated Braclelet

We are often asked about the best way to introduce yourselves to jewellery making and a great introduction, is to have a go at making elasticated bracelets, as they are easy to do, require just a few components, no experience or tools are needed (except for cutters - but even scissors will do !).

We have just produced our online step-by-step guide on how to make elasticated bracelets, with good, clear photographs ... To see this project guide, please visit here

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Bedazzle Beads August 2009 Competition

Hi everyone, after a short break, we have now returned with our beading competitions, with your chance to win £20.00 worth of beading goodies ....

Our theme for August 2009 (Ends Midnight 31st Aug), is 'Summertime Blues' ...

We are looking for original and unique handmade designs that remind you of the summertime !

To enter this month's competition to win £20.00 of beading goodies, please sign up for our newsletter at :

set up your subscriber login details, login to our subscribers area and follow the link under 'Monthly Competition'

Good luck !

Lisa & Richard
Bedazzle Beads

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Want To Learn How To Promote Your Jewellery Business ?

This is actually too good to keep to ourselves, so we thought we'd share it with everyone.

After placing a couple of easy to set up Lenses (simple web pages) at Squidoo, we are starting to see some pretty amazing traffic results to our sites ... Best of all it's free and we highly recommend giving Squidoo a try and seeing if it can do the same for you and your business !

Good Luck

Lisa & Richard

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Sign Up To Our Free Monthly Newsletter And Receive ...

Sign up to our newsletter, for jewellery making tips, ideas, monthly projects to try, competitions to enter, to win beading goodies and much more !!!

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Planning Your Jewellery Sales For The Silly Season !

Planning For The Silly Season (Christmas)

Now is a great time to start thinking about plans (if you haven't done so already)
in time for the busiest time (the festive season) for jewellery designers everywhere !

This is not as difficult as it sounds and with some good preperation, is a great time to boost your sales, as people look for unique gifts to buy for their loved ones.

Get yourselves lots of stock, in order to give your potential customers lots of choice about the types of products you are offering, as well as a selection of colours to offer them.

Display your items neatly on tables via display boards ... This could be as simple as cork board with pins, to hang your necklaces / bracelets on, or take a look at the display units we have for sale in our store.

Price all your items accordingly using computer printed 'A' cards or 'tie-on' price tags.

Make sure there is at least one mirror, so they can view the pieces on themselves
(except earrings) and also make sure there is plenty on good lighting to show off your pieces in the best possible light.

Taking your show on the road ...

On the run up to christmas, there should be an endless supply of sources to sell your goods, here are a few ideas to try and remember to also offer incentives to people, to book a jewellery party with you, such as a 20% commision of sales produced, paid in goods is usually a good idea !

School Fairs - Contact local schools to see when they will be holding their christmas fete and offer to provide a prize, for attending their fete.

Christmas Fairs - Look online and in local papers to see which fairs are coming up, then contact the organisers to see if there is a stall fee involved, then work out which ones you would like to attend and book them NOW, as they do go fast !!!

Networking - Contact your network of family, friends, work colleagues and tell themyou are starting to book your 'Christmas Jewellery Parties', hold one at your home (or rent a local village hall, if you prefer) and invite your network to join you at the event. Again offer incentives, or have cards printed up with your offer to hold a jewellery party at their home/work place, to their network !

Party Plan - If you already run a party plan business, (Avon, Ann Summers,
Betterware etc) bolting on your own custom-made jewellery should be a quite easy to pick up some extra sales plus the money you make on those items, is yours to keep !

Pubs & clubs - Contact local pubs, again offering them an incentive to book a jewellery party with you, which will cost them nothing, other than the use of their space to run the event. Make up lots of posters to promote the event, clearly indicating the date and the times you will be there plus payment methods accepted (If cash only, say so !). More often than not, you will only need to be there for a couple of hours, say 7.30pm-9.30pm for example but also make sure in advance where you will be placed, as you don't want to be stuck in a corner somewhere, where no-one is going to see you. These have always worked quite well for us in the past, but it's all about promotion of the event !

Local Shops - Contact local shops, such as hairdressers, salons, gift stores,
garden centres (anyone who you think could sell your products) and ask if they
would be interested in stocking your items on a sale-or-return basis. That way
you can keep track of items that aren't selling and also replenish stock that is selling. You will need to offer a good percentage of the sale to the store-owner for stocking your goods, but it is important for both of you to sign a copy of your stock sheet, as well as confirming all pricing in advance and also who is responsible for 'stolen' goods (which is usually the store owner). Don't forget you are asking to take up space in their store, so offer a commision rate which reflects this.

Your Own Website - If you don't have a website yet, get one - it's the best marketing tools you can have to promote your wares and keep your existing customers coming back for more. There are lots of free directories to get your website listed in, as well as using Google adwords, paid advertising to get your site in front of potential customers. The company we use is
'Do Your Own Site' or if you want to build an even more impressive site, you could try 'Sitesell'

Self Promotion

Great looking promotional material - This does not have to be expensive, in fact the company we use, is
FairPrint, based in Scotland, who offer amazing prices and even better service. You can either email your design to them or ask them to design something for you - either way, you will get a proof of your promotional items before going to print, so you can check everything is just the way you want it. We have had them print double sided A5 flyers and business cards in the past and can highly recommend them.

Your email list - You have got one haven't you ? If you are not building an email
list, you are losing out on lots of potential sales ... Building a list of customers
and potential customers is one of the most powerful things you can do to increase your online sales ... The company we use to send our emails is
Aweber, who offer an excellent package and easy to use software, which collects email addresses via your website / blog and who you can send professional looking emails to, to update them of your latest designs, events etc.

Good luck with your business !

This report was brought to you by
The UK’s number one supplier of great value jewellery making components

Monday, 27 July 2009

Kameron Kay's Jewellery Selling Secrets ....

Let jewellery designer, Kameron Kay show you how to make beautiful jewellery designs, with .

Create costume jewellery to match ANY outfit and make money selling your designs, at craft fairs, to friends, family, work colleagues, for profit for your charity, to shops and many more avenues ...

Save money during the recession and discover how easy it is to get creative ...

You'll find lots of useful ideas, tips and short cuts in 'Jewellery Selling Secrets' -

Wishing you every success with your business.


Saturday, 25 July 2009

Discover Inspiring Ideas In : My Beads Club

My Beads Club - is THE place for hundreds of NEW and exciting, original and inspiring ideas for making your own beaded jewellery.

1. Unlimited access to bead patterns and make jewellery projects, choose from over hundreds of patterns and videos for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, special occasions, wedding, and homeware. All projects are fully illustrated with step by step instructions providing you with all you need for years and years of making beaded jewellery. Once you get going there`s no limit to what you can make...

2. FREE "Funky Beads" book- when you sign up today, downloadable quickly with 20 unique jewellery making designs by up and coming NEW designers. Retail Price £12.00( &

3. GREAT discounts on our special monthly offers area.

4. FREE report on how to sell your jewellery for a profit. Do what you love to make lots of cash - dont miss this one !

5. Monthly competitions, enter your jewellery designs to win and show off your talent !

6. FREE Monthly Newsletter with expert tips, advice on making beaded jewellery and new finds, beading discounts and much more...

7. Plus there`s more "how to make beaded jewellery" videos to watch, including lots more projects to try.

Join Here

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Wire Name Writing - Wire Jewelry Name Writing Secrets

Mastering the art of wire name writing is simple, when you know how ...

Just imagine being able to make a personalized name tag with wire and create stunning wire jewelry name writing ... quickly and easily !

This guide will show you how to :

• Create upper and lower case of all letters in the English alphabet
• Which tools you need to use
• Common configurations of wires
• How to make a name necklace
• How to make a name pin

Personalized jewelry is very popular and always sells well ... Why ?

Doesn’t everyone like to receive a gift that has had some though gone into it, and something that has not been bought ‘Off-The-Shelf’ is ever better.

Everything you need to learn how to make wire name writing can be found here

Jewellery Making Findings Guide

This article covers a just a small selection of the popular jewellery findings that are used in jewellery making ...

Headpins - A headpin is usually made of a soft metal so that it can be manipulated into various shapes and looks similar to a thin long nail with a flat base to prevent beads from falling off. They come in various sizes, the more common being 1.5-2". Thread beads onto headpins in your required pattern , make a loop at the top and attach to ear wires to make earrings.

Eyepins - Similar to headpins, but instead of the flat base, a loop has been formed, which is used in many cases to loop onto other eyepins of headpins (depending upon your design) to create dangles, or eye pin necklaces.

Earwires - Essential items when making earrings, as these are in the shape of a fish-hook, which go into the ear, with the addition of a ball and loop, on which to attach your eyepins/headpins. When buying, try to use 'Surgical Steel Earwires' as these should be less irritant as going 'into' the ears.

This article covers just a small example of the jewellery making supplies available ... Our Free e-guide 'How To Make Jewellery For Fun Or Profit' is the ideal companion and will give you lots of information on Jewellery Findings, as well as Jewellery Design Ideas ... Access the FREE Guide Here ...

Bedazzle Beads are the number one supplier of great value jewellery making supplies. We are a UK based bead supplier, with worldwide delivery, direct to your door.

For further details about our products and services, please visit ...

Friday, 30 January 2009

Choosing The Right Stringing Material For Your Jewellery Creations

With so many stringing options for your jewellery creations, it can often get confusing about which stringing material to use.

We hope this guide will help you make your choice of product, a little simpler !

Elastic – is the perfect choice for stretchy jewellery, as it’s inexpensive and ideal for children’s jewellery made with a single strand projects without the need for clasps. It is easily knotted or crimped and pretty strong, although if stretched too far, will lose its elasticity. Always cut off more than is required for your project, as you will need the extra length, in which to double knot, to ensure it does not come undone. It’s soft to work with and the clear variety is the best to use, as it can be used with light or dark beads. Elastic is pretty strong, so experiment with various types and sizes. The only downside, is that working with elastic, you will have to check the beads for sharp edges, as it could eventually cut through .... other than this, a great inexpensive stringing material which can come in various sizes, EG 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm – The smaller the size, the more beads you will be able to use, the larger the size, the stranger the elastic will be.

Silkon - is a special heat-set nylon. Because of its exceptional durability and resistance to fraying, it can be used with abrasive stone or metal beads. Use lightweight thread for designs using small gem beads & freshwater pearls. Use medium-weight thread for plastic, glass and wood beads. Use heavyweight thread for gemstone, metal and larger glass beads.

Tigertail – is miniature braided stainless steel cable covered with nylon, this beading wire is excellent with heavier necklaces. Tigertail beading wire should be used with crimp beads. No beading needle is required. This wire is relatively flexible but is prone to kinking, which will be evident in your jewellery. Good for most use of beads as the nylon coating is useful when your bead edges are rough, as it prevents wear on the stainless steel wire inside the coating, giving your pieces a longer life.

Faux Suede Cord - Microfiber suede lace. Very soft to work with. Try this newest lacing on the market; this man-made material is ultra soft, providing incredible comfort and drape. Comes is various thicknesses, it washes easily in warm soapy water. Use for every lacing and stringing application. A great option for stringing pendants and the suede can be tied in a knot with a focal piece in place, making this a piece that can be worked quickly and inexpensively. Cord ends can also be placed at the end, to give a more professional finish to your pieces.

Monofilament – is naturally waterproof and resists 100% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation. It's 10 times stronger than steel, with superior abrasion resistance. A great starter material, to start stringing with, this single strand nylon thread, similar to fishing line is an inexpensive product which is very strong and a worthwhile addition to your kit. As it is inexpensive, you can make up mock designs with minimum costs, before moving onto a more permanent material. Monofilament is generally clear coloured and can be used in the making of ‘illusion’ or ‘floating’ designs, making the string almost invisible and is probably the biggest use of this stringing material. Monofilament can shrink or crack over time, which can be evident in older, vintage pieces of jewellery, maybe as a reaction with oils from the skin etc. Rough beads may also work through, so better to double up if the thickness allows. Monofilament can also be knotted or crimped and this can be backed up with a dab of hypo cement to add extra strength to your pieces.

Rattail – Is the thickest satin cord and measures around 2mm with a lovely soft, satin feel. This man-made product is a good inexpensive cord for stringing pendants, such as dichroics or donuts and comes in an array of colours and knotted to finish off your piece. Can also be finished with cord ends for a more professional finish. Dab the ends into PVA glue and let it dry, then when the ends are stiff enough, attach your cord ends with an extra dot of glue for extra strength. Other variants of this are Mousetail (1.5mm) and bugtail (1.0mm)

Chain – again comes in various sizes. Chain is usually more expensive than some of the other stringing materials, but can also be quite versatile. 2mm cable chain can be used to create your own chains to hang lockets or smaller pendants onto. Can also be cut into small lengths to create dangles for a great effect. Larger style chain (Eg 11x6mm) can be used for bag charms, charm bracelets etc, as it is chunky enough to hang dangles, charms from it, to create great looking beaded products.

Memory Wire – is very worthwhile experimenting with, as it’s basically a coil of ultra strong tempered stainless steel, to make some really quick jewellery designs. Finishing off memory wire is simple, by turning a loop at your first end to prevent beads from falling off and then doing the same at the other end of the memory wire, once your design has been completed. Charms can then be hung from the loops to finish off your designs. Cutting the wire can be quite difficult due to it’s strength and will blunt a normal pair of cutters, therefore we recommend using memory wire cutters, or get two pairs of flat nose pliers and bend back and forth at the point you want, until the wire snaps in two. Memory wire is easy to use, with fast and effective results.

Report written by Bedazzle Beads

Bedazzle Beads are a UK supplier of great value jewellery making supplies, sourcing the best products from around the world.

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