Sunday, 7 June 2009

Jewellery Making Findings Guide

This article covers a just a small selection of the popular jewellery findings that are used in jewellery making ...

Headpins - A headpin is usually made of a soft metal so that it can be manipulated into various shapes and looks similar to a thin long nail with a flat base to prevent beads from falling off. They come in various sizes, the more common being 1.5-2". Thread beads onto headpins in your required pattern , make a loop at the top and attach to ear wires to make earrings.

Eyepins - Similar to headpins, but instead of the flat base, a loop has been formed, which is used in many cases to loop onto other eyepins of headpins (depending upon your design) to create dangles, or eye pin necklaces.

Earwires - Essential items when making earrings, as these are in the shape of a fish-hook, which go into the ear, with the addition of a ball and loop, on which to attach your eyepins/headpins. When buying, try to use 'Surgical Steel Earwires' as these should be less irritant as going 'into' the ears.

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